What are Home Remedies?

Home remedies can be defines as any medicine prepared with or without a professional supervision which may or may not contain medicinal properties that are helpful in curing a disease or an ailment. Very often, the list of home remedies may also comprise of alternative health treatments including the usage of spices, herbs and other essential oils. These are typically passed over generations by word of mouth of the ingredients and preparation. Home remedies can be spotted as part of every civilization of history and many historians have stumbled upon ancient historic cookbooks mentioning remedies for common ailments like fever, dyspepsia and even female health problems.

Home Remedies Now

Home remedies have gained considerable popularity especially with the rise of the communication technology and informative sharing on the internet. They have been adopted to cut down on the costs and complexities of conventional medical practices. It has found favor especially with those individuals who want to adopt a more holistic approach to curing ailments. Herbs and shrubs that were once limited to only the cooking aspect of its value now find their place in curing without any possible side effects and harmful reflexes.

Origin of Home Remedies

The ability to cure one’s oneself is also gratifying as it is simple, non- dependable and inexpensive. This trend of home remedies can be traced to its origin in India and China where it first got recognition and has been mentioned in the Vedas and the Chinese scriptures. It still finds existence in the households in India where even today many people still rely on home remedies for minor ailments like cold and cough. The Vedas have a special mention of Ayurveda, which is a natural process of medication.


Natural home remedies can come handy in a host of situations like strengthening immune system, preventing hair loss, treatment for skin problems like acne, dandruff and pimples, treatment of aches, pains cuts and burns as well as menstrual and sexual problems.

The development of science and medicine as well as rapid industrialization and globalization has pushed upon us the need to get instant results with allopathic treatment disregarding the many harmful side effects of this kind of treatment. This only leads up scheduling the doctors’ appointments for regular checkups and burning a hole in the pocket with the sophisticated treatments. On the other hand, simple items of our everyday use have the medicament present in them to cure us completely if they are used in the right amount and procedure. Stay with me Sanjeet Veen, as I will share in my next issue, some fascinating examples of successful home remedies.

Discovering Home Remedies and Traditional Cure

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