Fitness is the main agenda for every individual in modern ear. Running back to make a successful career and to get stability on financial aspects, we ignore our health and fitness. Most of the countries wages are paid on number of hours they work. However, in Indian it is a monthly pay, meeting targets on daily basis. Huge population, fewer employment chances and large families makes it difficult for most of the Indian to have long-term fitness goals. Having long-term fitness goals makes it unachievable as most of the time is juggled between changing work hours. So in order to stay fit and healthy a smart goal plan such as short term goals are far better and best.

According to fitness trainers, s research documents say that people who have enrolled for fitness training planning for a long term fails where around 80%. Only 20% could achieve the targets for various reasons. Hence if you are one among with a very tight schedule and unplanned appointments, then give up on these length goals and hug the smart fitness ideas.

Flexible plan– Short-term goals offer flexibility to achieve your plans. They put you on to a daily regime that is not hard to start with. For example, you can plan a three-day fitness goal and increase the exercise patterns for next coming three days. Always make the goals that are relevant to your situation and timely availability. Never press hard onto something that is not only difficult to achieve but also demotivates your idea to gain your fitness.

Cardiovascular objectives giving your lungs a work out is equally important with respect to rest of the exercises. Certain activities as walking, jogging, swimming, skating etc. improves the heart rate and helps in reducing bad cholesterol and BP. Skipping, jumping and walking can be a part of your fitness regime that can be schedule for 20-30 minutes every day.

Make it strong– When I started my short-term fitness goals, I was very unsure. I did not believe my fitness trainer, I though he us just bluffing me into some unworthy package to get lump some money. However, thanks to him, today at the age of 51, Sanjeet Veen is more fit and healthy than expected. I had many health issue due to the stress I have been exposed. A short-term fitness goal promotes endurance and increase the muscle strength. It helps to improve your respiratory mechanism by strengthening the lungs.

Improved fitness helps to greater flexibility in movement of your body making you feel light and healthy. Try short-term goal by setting up plant according to your time availability, trust me it can do wonders you can ever imagine.

Why Indians should follow short-term Fitness goals?

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