Being fit is not just a requirement for a sports person or a fitness enthusiast. Fitness is a key to healthy life style.  In India, fitness is mostly gender biased; females are not encouraged equally like males of a family to have a healthy routine. However, hanging times have motivated most of the females to take up exercise regime just not as a part of achieving fitness goals but also to stay happy and healthy. Most of the middle class women, who have not exercised previously, must start up with a schedule before conceiving. Now a day’s most of the gynecologists suggest that a healthy birth of a child is very much dependent on the health of a mother. Right from the time of conceiving until the baby turns 3 years old; there is lot of changes that takes place in female body.

Females gradually become chubby during this period and accumulate excess fat after pregnancy. This leads them into depression as they feel they are no more attractive and healthy. To erase this feeling, consult your gynecologist and practice few forms of exercise that is keeps a check on your weight.

Apart from just weight, there is huge benefit of exercise during pregnancy.

  • Due to hormones changes taking place during pregnancy, there is every possibility of mood swings. A morning exercise will help generate serotonin that can keep your mood swings in control.
  • Labor pain requires lot of stamina, strength and patience. Having a regular exercise will not only increase the possibility of child birth with ease but also makes you mentality strong to bear the pain.
  • Restlessness, sleep disturbance is very frequent during pregnancy. Few forms of exercise are exceptionally prescribed by gynecologist that will allow you to rest well.
  • The sooner belly starts growing, chances of back pain, joint pains is more. Having a proper exercise will help manage the pain without causing much discomfort.
  • Exercise will also help gain health quickly during post pregnancy period.

Things to remember while exercising

As a fitness guide, I come across many people especially female who have many issues related exercise that must be done during pregnancy. They become so obsessed about their body losing shape that they tend to jump into a rigorous routine.

Here are few recommendations from Sanjeet Veen, as an experienced fitness expert.

  • Never overdo any exercise that results in panting and puffing, this might result in less oxygen supply to baby.
  • Never exercise beyond the recommended level that can even lead to miscarriage.

Never forget to drink plenty of water before and after exercise.

Why fitness is important for pregnant women?

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