Fitness is very important to have a healthy life. Exercising every day is not a practice that is restricted to certain group. Most of us feel that exercising every day or staying fit is only for people who are into sports or bodybuilding. This is not true, daily exercise not only helps your entire body to recover from the stress but also exposes you to a new level of energy that keeps you healthy. You may not have to do a rigorous exercise to stay fit, but few forms making them a routine is a very positive habit.

A healthy body is a key to healthy mind; I always feel that Sanjeet Veen would not have been successful dealing with the business adversities, if exercise were not a part of my daily routine. Exercises are of different kinds that keeps you fit, it depends upon you and your body to choose a particular form and make habit of it.

Never rush on to do any form of exercise that might cause severe pain in the body. If you are doing it for the first time let, the body is slowly accustomed to it. Therefore, here is how you can plan your fitness regime.

Before making any plan, consult physician to understand your body type. Few people might be sensitive to certain form of exercise due to health related issues. Never try anything that is not suggested by the doctor. A person who wants to reduce weight, it is strictly recommended to consult your gym instructor and understand your family biology before taking up a major step. Hereditary obesity may not be completely recovered through exercise; however, you can improve your health and stay fit.

Four-week regime- A month plan (For beginners only)

 Week One- As per your health chart, begin your exercise by training all major body parts. Divide your exercise in a week for three days. For example, if you are starting on Monday, Tuesday you will take rest, similarly Wednesday you will exercise and Thursday give rest to your body and so on. As this is the starting phase of your exercise regime, do not over stress your body. Your body needs complete rest to do take a break whenever required. Each body part must be exercise with one form, do not increase the number as that may result in muscle arrest causing severe pain.

Week Two-now divide you week into two day practice. That means you will exercise your upper body two days and lower body two days. For example, upper body Monday and Tuesday, lower body Wednesday and Thursday.

Week Three –  As your body is now two weeks older into exercising regularly, change the routine to three day. Before stepping up to three day routine, if there is any form of exercise that is causing severe pain do include it in your fitness regime. One day you can involve pushing exercise for chest , shoulders and triceps, the next day pulling exercise for back, biceps, lower body part exercise like quads, glutes etc. Third day will include every form of exercise to give a perfect balance to your upper and lower body parts.

Week Four-You will now turn your exercise regime to continuous four days practice. As now your body is accustomed to certain form of exercise, you can use music to make it more comfortable and interesting. Remember the time fixed for your exercise should not be altering; the scheduled must be followed strictly.

Lastly, after the four-week challenge consults your physician to check your health status just to ensure that this regime has not caused any serious health impacts.

How to start your daily fitness regime?

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