Most of us have a promising career with handsome packages. However, are we able to enjoy it? With career come many other challenges like long working hours, unstable shifts, stress, and depression and so on. Have you ever thought why most of us feel the stressed out all the day? Do we face so much pressure or is it that our mind is not able to cope up with the work tension. Answer to all these questions is time. Yes, we do not take time to love and nurture ourselves that can energise our body and mind. Our mind and body can perform any task to provide exceptional results, but in order to get a good result they need their time to relax and rest. For example: In any industry, the machinery does not run 24×7, they are put to some rest timely so that the results are not altered. Similarly, no matter what is your profession, you need to take few minutes from your daily routine to enjoy a stress-free life.

According to recent studies, the health rate is decreasing mostly among the individuals who are between the ages of 25-35. Can you imagine a heart attack at the age of 29? Are you willing to spend all your earnings on consulting doctors? If not let us, take up a healthy regime to stay fit. Follow few simple ideas of Sanjeet Veen for a healthy lifestyle.

Execute the plan- As a Fitness instructor I certainly understand how difficult it is to take a time from the daily routine. People working in BPOs, KPOs, IT industry its always-unstable shifts, hardly get time to sleep and exercise is just not possible. You exactly know how your entire day is spent. So if not an hour, you can spend at least 30 minutes every day to exercise or practice simple yoga techniques. Spending half an hour for your health is not a bad idea.

Make a checklist– In order to execute your plan; initially you have to make a checklist that should include your priorities. If you think that the To-do list can never be followed, than appoint a fitness instructor. Your fitness instructor will help you every day for that half an hour to make you get used to an exercise regime.

Weekend Fitness goals– every one of us have a week off from our work. Few might have two days of week of while few are blessed with one. Make sure you take two hours of your time in practicing some sport. This will not only boost your immune system, but also improves your mental health.

Time with family and friends- spending quality time with your family and friends is very important to inculcate a healthy life style and build a positive atmosphere. Make sure whenever you get time, spend it in a quality way. Get out of the work sphere and be yourself, to enjoy everything that makes you happy.

Never Neglect Diets- Diet is something every important that most of us neglect. No matter how much you exercise or how much you indulge in sport activities unless your food intake is proper. Consult good Dietitians who can help you set up a healthy diet regime based on your health conditions.

How to maintain fitness with unstable work hours?

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