According to a latest study, it has been observed that a greater part of the American population mostly the adults have negligible or not exercise routine at all. In most cases, they don’t even walk miles for days. This is bad because we require some or the other form of a regular exercise program to keep our body healthy and active. For me Sanjeet Veen, it’s never too late to begin working out for a healthy body. These tips can come handy to stick to your exercise plan:

  • Begin with an exercise routine that is suitable to your present fitness levels. It is always better to start out with a routine that is appropriate for your current fitness level and then gradually raise the bar.
  • Write a fitness plan for the first few weeks or days and then increase gradually. You should never begin your exercise routine without a written guideline to stick to.
  • Be sure to have the right equipment for safety and avoiding any injury. The right fitness equipment will enhance the quality of your life, so choose your equipment well.
  • Do not pressurize your body; listen to it in case of any aches or pains. Give your body the time to acclimatize to the new changes brought by the routine, make your plans slow and steady and reap the benefits in the end.
  • Good food intake and proper rest are mandatory to support your exercise regime. Adequate rest for the body is essential so never skip your sleep, as it will only add to your risk of injury and illness.
  • Meet like-minded people who are also interested in staying physically fit and healthy. If you’re part of a group that is out of shape, chances are that it will affect your progress and interest so in order to achieve your goal, spend time with people who are successful in their exercise routines.

For making exercise as your regular practice, it has to have some planning and effort. In many cases it is seen that an individual starts, exercising only to call it quits after a few months. Such individuals need to understand that the first eight weeks are the most crucial and if they learn to pass through this phase, nothing can fall short of a habitual routine. Those who overcome this phase are the ones who eventually taste success and stay fit and healthy. For such individuals skipping a workout implies looking forward to the next one even more vigorously. It all about how your body adapts to the new routine and responds to the same.

Common Tips for Adopting Exercise as A Habit

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