30 is the age to be considered the most interesting period of your life. It gives you a feeling of being a mature adult, it helps you enjoy the wisdom of life an also puts you through naïve thoughts of getting old and weak. Well-gone are the days when stepping into thirties were thought to be approaching a line of progressive old age. Today, thirty is a new definition to teenage. People grow strong, more thoughtful and more energetic with positive outlook towards life. Therefore, if you are soon going to step into your thirties and yet fell the charismatic teen energy flushing throughout your body, then you must master these fitness goals.

Who does not want to explore the peeks of mountains and feel the fresh air deep inside your lungs? Should age be a barrier, if not get on with Sanjeet Veen fitness madness?

The bucket list follows

  1. 25pushups a day is very important. Setting up a goal will help you master the practice and increase the number conveniently without getting tired. Push-ups is the only exercise where in there is no requirement of equipment and can be used to strengthen body muscle. Practice this form continuously until you hoist your toes on traditional pushup method.
  2. Running 10kms a day is a classic goal you must achieve. Initially it is very difficult for a person who had been out of practice. Start with 2 km, 4 km, 6 km, 8 km and then finally 10km. The benefit of running this length will improve your cardiovascular muscles, improves your upper and lower body built-up.
  3. Master yoga poses is very important. The three important yoga poses that must be there in your bucket list irrespective of your age is Mountain Pose, Warrior Pose and Bridge Pose.
  4. If you have greater goals of fitness, then you must include sprinting to your running routine. The benefits can be experience only by practicing variations in this form of exercise. If you are having weight loss goals, sprinting can be of great help.
  5. Never forget including swimming in your routine. For overall health, nothing is better than swimming. People having issue with body fat and insulin levels must practice swimming will increase you over all metabolism rate. Swimming is not a difficult task, as per experts people who are into swimming right from young age are found to be more healthy and fit.
5 fitness goals you must master before 30

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