Weight loss is the only thing on everyone’s mind now days. Is it staying fit goal? On the other hand, just to keep a tab on your body shape. If it is just the fear of gaining extra weight and losing the body shape than stay out of this weight loss regime. Being fit and to keep your body in shape are two opposite things. Being fit comes with a natural acceptance of your body shape, the genetic assemblage to keep it healthy. Being is body shape just feel fashionable or stylish is a forceful action that could ruin your health. Forceful practices to stay thin, makes you adjust to a routine which are not only harmful but could pose serious threats on your health both mentally and emotionally.

When it comes to weight loss, cardio is the most essential step. In addition, most of us due to lack of awareness or improper guidance does some silly mistakes. When I started practicing cardio, I was repeatedly instructed upon these five mistakes, which I feel made me Gain the fitness I always wanted to have.

I Sanjeet Veen may not be a great inspiration to everyone when it comes to fitness goals, but five cardio mistakes I am going to discuss would certainly change your way of achieving your goals.

  1. To make you and your body more efficient to cardio, you must take regular intervals by jumping rope to bring your heart rate to maximum, is 80. Too much cardio above your desired levels will never do any benefit and can result is cardiac arrest.
  2. Many people practice cardio on empty stomach to achieve better results. Imagine how your scoreboard will give the results you are expecting when you were completely drained before reaching the final point. Cardio should never be done on empty stomach, eat minimum quantity of proteins, eggs, fruits by making an alternative plan to check how they are working on you. This will give you surplus amount of energy to do a perfect cardio.
  3. Focus is very important, no matter what type of fitness exercise you are doing. If you want to focus on your fitness, stay away from any distractions for the moment. Stop checking your emails, sending messages or any activity that actually breaks your concentration. When you are practicing cardio, it is just you, your body and mind.
  4. Basic metabolic rate is amplified, by the intensity of show towards your exercise, not the time you spend. Even if you are planning a 15 min cardio, the intensity you give it to these 15 minutes decides your BMR.
  5. After a long exercise hours, you are bound to be hungry. Keep a tab on your calories, consume as much as you want provided change the burgers with bananas. Healthy food, less calorie intake, healthy body and healthy shape, is what your goal should be.
5 Cardio mistakes you must avoid when you are planning for weight loss

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