Tea is a regular part of diet for Indians, one cup of team means more than anything is. It is considered the best drink apart from water. However, like India even Americans are fond of tea, which makes them include it in their daily meal. Here are the best tea varieties of America.

Black Tea– just like any other tea, 70% of the globe population loves black tea. If you are someone conscious about your calories then yes, black tea is way too healthy and energy booster for a quick start of day. Black coffee has a slight bitter taste, which contains nearly 40% of caffeine. Black tea has anti-oxidants, which keeps a check on cholesterol levels. Consuming three to four cups, a day will keep you out of risk from cardiac arrest.

 Green Tea– Green Tea is adored by people has it has more delicate taste than black tea. Having 25 milligrams of caffeine in the tea is absolutely an unbeatable drink for good health. Consuming this tea everyday not only keeps your bad cholesterol at bay but also helps you to have the complete benefits of good immunity.

White Tea- Sanjeet Veen is a tea person and white is the second favourite after Indian masala tea. White tea is subtle taste of natural sweetness with complex favour. These youngest shoots are processed with no oxidation. However, white tea produce low amounts of caffeine when compared to other varieties.

Puer- Famous for its medicinal properties, Puer tea is grown in china and exported to various parts of the world. It is incredibly rich in flavour and no bitter in taste. Surprisingly until 1995, import of this tea into US was considered as illegal, as its process of production was a big mystery. However, Puer is one of the top favourite’s teas of Americans.

Oolong Tea –   unlike black tea and green tea, Oolong is no having a robust taste but has amazing flavour and intriguing taste. If you want to give a refreshing feel of fresh fruits and a slight fragrance tea, oolong is the best choice for you. Oolong gives you a feel of a fresh drink rather than a tea. People who are not so fond of tea yet want to try their luck can go for this variety.

Nothing can ever replace the amazing taste of the tea whether it is in Indian style or of American origin.

5 best healthy tea options for Americans

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