“Health is the greatest of all possessions; a pale cobbler is better than a sick king.” ~ Isaac Bickerstaff.

Health and fitness are two important aspects that re very important for a modern individual to lead a happy life. I, Sanjeet Veen Jha strongly believe that no wealth can give happiness if your mental health and physical fitness is weak. Working as Fitness Instructor for past 7 years in Frozen Ropes, Chester, New York, US, I often come across many individuals who are struggling with fitness related health issues. Belonging to a family of software engineers, IITs, I understand the stress the work atmosphere has on an individual. Irregular shift duties, long work hours, deadlines etc., inflict a great threat plan a proper diet base schedules and fitness regimes to individual who need assistance to get over the health issues and improve their fitness.

I always believe that a healthy start of the day makes it a healthy way to live a happy life. Despite of a busy schedule, I always make sure to dedicate few hours of my days to follow a health regimes that keeps me good in physical shape and improves my mental health. My father always says that, one who includes exercise, as daily routine will have a better life than one who never makes any efforts to improve health. I am not different from the rest of the girls who faced obesity in their teenage and lacked the confidence to face the crowd. This is one reason I completely understand why the health related issues have a greater impact on our personal growth and career. With my parents support I took up the challenge to cut down my obesity factors by including healthy foods into my diet and exercising regularly.

Every one of us undergoes emotional or physical stress; here I am to share my inputs and research experience on how to have a healthy life with healthy practices.

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